From Static Compliance to Dynamic Risk Management is here to reshape the reliability and merchant experience of the PCI DSS compliance validation model and add value across the entire payments ecosystem.
Neira Jones


If you’re an acquirer, you probably have a PCI DSS compliance program.

And you probably have been running it for a number of years.

And you’re probably tired of this one-size-fits-all approach to manage risk in your merchant portfolio.

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could embrace a more agile and dynamic way of helping your merchants become more secure.

In fact, most SMEs don’t engage with PCI DSS compliance programs because they find it difficult, and it adds an extra burden to their operations, especially during a crisis.

If fact, we think that traditional PCI portals are no longer fit-for purpose and that acquirers need a better way.

Acquirers need actionable risk intelligence, with security scoring and streamlined onboarding.  

They need a market place of solutions and services tailored to their merchants’ needs.

ZeroRisk makes merchant portfolio risk management simple, automated, efficient, and intuitive.

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