Redefining Merchant Portfolio Risk Management

Our mission is to provide an end-to-end merchant portfolio risk management system to help MSPs manage effective compliance programs at scale. We also want to create value for merchants by helping them to understand what their real security posture is, and then guiding them through any required remediation.


We’ve assembled a leading team of industry experts to shape the strategic direction of ZeroRisk, a team with decades of experience in payments and cybersecurity. We are also backed up by Advantio, a leading cyber security company with focus on cybersecurity, data protection, risk and compliance with a distinct specialization in the ‘Payment Card Industry.’

In short, ZeroRisk, enables a new way of doing things — backed by decades of payments and cybersecurity expertise; utilizing proven technology but designed for a new era of payment security compliance and third-party risk management.

Helping global organizations in securing their business
Marco Borza
Digital payment enthusiast passionate about making payments easier and safer
Ian Rutland
Head of ZeroRisk
CTO of Advantio and IT and cyber security researcher for more than 10 years
Francesco Consiglio
Demistifies the hype around payments, fintech, security, fraud and digital innovation. A digital identity fan girl.
Neira Jones
Visionary In Residence
Cyber Security / Compliance Business Development and any distance runner!
Richard Jones
Head of Business Development
Ensuring that our marketing efforts are aligned and that we deliver outstanding customer value.
Jennifer McGrath
Chief Marketing Officer
Ruler of Customer Insights in Technology
Asli Mermer
Ops Manager
I love design and a data-driven user experience
Tommy Nardini
Senior Designer
Streamlining demand generation through marketing automation & operations
Chetas Bagul
Marketing Maverick

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